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How to Become Self-Aware

self-awarenessOne of the most important qualities in an adult is self-awareness. In order to make yourself a better person and grow throughout your life, you have to see yourself as you truly are, no matter what that truth it. This can be difficult for many people, though, because too many people don’t want to point the finger at themselves for things. In order to become a stronger person, though, you have to learn to be self-aware.

Self-Awareness is Tough

As stated, pointing the finger at someone else is easy enough, but people don’t want to turn that finger around and point it at themselves. It’s easy to make an excuse for a mistake or to try to justify what you did, but to look at yourself and honesty say why you did it and why you are to blame it not an easy thing to do at all.

Most people would rather ignore their own flaws and go on with the happier parts of their lives instead of looking at themselves honestly. Some people even mask their own faults by going out of their way to do nice things for other people. This kindness, though, is just as counter-productive to a person that is not self-aware.

These tips can help you become a more self-aware person by showing you how to honestly look at who you are and possibly decide to make changes for the better.

Figure out the Why

The first part of looking at yourself is looking at why you make the decisions you do. This may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is a very important part of being self-aware. You have to have the ability to ask yourself why you did something and honestly answer that question.
For example, if you find yourself bragging for no reason, you may need to ask yourself why you want to brag to others. Is it to feel like you are better than them, or even to just feel like you are equal to them? Finding the reason for your actions is often a tough mirror to face.
This ability to look at why you are doing something may eliminate a behavior that others find unappealing in you. Sometimes, the reason is enough to make you stop doing something. Being honest about your motives for doing something will make you more self-aware.

What Do You Want?

Another awareness you need to have of yourself is an awareness of your intentions in life. What you want may not always be what you are saying you want, and sometimes this is why things you do turn out badly. You need to be aware of the real intentions you have.

For example, if your only goal in the workplace is to make as much money as possible and rise as quickly, you may sacrifice some essential relationships to do so and alienate others as well. If you are wondering why you feel alone at work, then you may want to take a look at what you want to get out of it and what you are sacrificing to do so.

Becoming self-aware about your intentions can help you to understand why the decisions you make are not working out the way you want. If your intensions are destructive, you can change them by becoming more self-aware.

Find your own patterns

Every person lives on certain patterns that they have created for themselves. People will consistently keep acting certain ways in certain situations, often without even knowing it. Sometimes, though, these ways are what could be preventing a situation from working out as well as we’d like. Self-awareness can help us identify these patterns and change them so that we can live happily and things can work out for us as we’d like.

For example, a woman that likes to date men that need her may be wondering why she always dates men that use her for her money and can’t offer her anything. Self-awareness may help her find that she is looking for someone who needs her, not wants her, and she can possibly change the type of man she looks for, hopefully changing her success in relationships.

Looking at your own patterns may not be easy because it often comes with criticizing your own behavior. When this is done, though, you can change the patterns that may be holding you back. Self-awareness is essential to making positive changes in your life.

Self-awareness is often a tough pill to swallow for people, so too many avoid it at all costs. This is destructive behavior. Learning to be self-aware can help a person live a much more successful life and be a much better person. These tips can help you toward becoming more self-aware.